Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Avoidable Mistakes in Press Release Writing

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Writing press releases for a Social Media, SEO, or Marketing campaign requires a bit of thought and a lot of preparation. Without the fundamentals, your release will end up in the trash bin of your recipient's email. A well written press release is a very valuable asset to any company and the success of the product or service can be dependant on it. Take a look at these steps to easily avoid getting trashed, and to become more successful at pushing your products or clients.

1. Not doing your research. Spend some time to actually read other press releases to see how they're worded, how they're put together, and mimic that. Additionally, don't only send your press releases to those in your niche: send them to other successful submission sites as well.

2. Don't assume your reader knows what you're talking about. If they have no clue about your product and you don't spell it out, why are they going to spread the word about your product? They're not. The goal is to get your PR reader to generate buzz to their audience or outlet. Let them know how!

3. Do NOT talk down to your readers. Don't be condescending. Period.

4. Adding too much 'fluff'. A press release is not a blog post. It is not an article. It is not a journal to get flowery with. It is a press release. Keep the fluff to a minimum and focus strictly on the details. Be informative and tell your reader what they need to know!

5. Boring subject lines. Chances are, most emails you delete are the type of subject line you DONT want to be putting on your press release. Be creative, and non-spammy. The difference between success and failure is a fine line. The subject line.

Avoid these mistakes and you'll have a much higher success rate across the board. Emails will be opened and media outlets will write or speak about your content. Above all else, PROOF READ.

Until next time.

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