Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Google is Adding Larger Images to Mobile Results

Google is always up to some new stuff and their latest round of fun is a possible new format that allows their mobile search results to show larger images. If you remember back in December 2014, we saw a similar interface for the images; however, this time, the images look to be even larger and are on the left part of the teaser snippet.

Google is always looking for ways to keep the results loading speed between mobile and desktop at equal speeds. The only hangup here is Google also want sot give searchers as much information as they can before they click on a result. It is a tight, delicate dance to provide the best search engine marketing experience for both companies and users.

Will adding larger images slow the results speed down? Maybe. Google wants to know if the larger image format will be helpful to generating qualified web traffic to sites.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Google Panda Update is Coming in Next Few Weeks, Says Gary Illyes

Google's Gary Illyes has mentioned that the next installment of the Panda update will be coming in the next few weeks. At first, SEO experts everywhere felt another shock coming on; however, after it was all explained, we can all take a nice, deep breath.

Illyes has stated that the update is merely a refresh, not a change in the algorithm. What does this mean for websites? Sites that have been a victim of the algorithm might see some recovery, assuming they did the work to fix it. Not all sites will see a recovery. If you published a website since the last update, the site will be affected by this refresh.

It is in Google's best interest, and for anyone doing white-hat SEO's best interest, that Google keep this updated frequently.

Don't worry, doomsday is not coming… yet.

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