Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Internet Marketing in 2012

Chicago Internet Marketing & Chicago SEO

Every day, millions of people use the internet, search engine or social media for information about services, companies and products for personal use or for their companies. If your website isn't fully optimized on a continual basis, you're losing out on a large portion of potential clients and sales.

Even if you have a beautiful website with great products to revolutionize the way your customers live and do business...if nobody knows about it, what good is it? Everybody knows that a website is a big investment, so it seems only logical to try to get the most out of that investment by making sure your prospects can find it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

10 SEO Statistics that speak to the value of SEO

These statistics were gathered through a compilation of Search Engine Results Page behavior studies. If you disagree with the figures in this piece, please post your discussion notes!

1. 42 % of all searches click on the top ranked link in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Only 8% of people click on the second link in succession! From here, the click-through-rate continues to drop.

2. When these are artificially switched through SEO, the click-through-rate drops yet again due to compelling copy. This demonstrates the importance of compelling and engaging content.

3. While 42% of users click the top rank, 62% of all users click on a link within the top 10 rankings (better known as the first page). 

4. 23% of searches progress to the second page, though at this point, they'll try another keyword or give up.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Visually Optimizing your Facebook Page

Part of SEO is researching what people are going to search for, look at and click on. The second part of our job is converting the people that click on your links and get them to contact you, but what if your website isn't set up the way it should depending on eye tracking?