Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to SEO Optimize a YouTube page

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Years ago, people began watching videos on the internet and moved away from print and television as their primary source of news. We even find ourselves not watching the news anymore due to the mass amounts of information on the internet. Now video has become, especially through YouTube, the main source of news for the public not counting Facebook and Twitter. Anyone can go online at any time and watch YouTube videos about the big game, world events and even wars. At the same time, someone can learn how to use Photoshop brushes correctly through user submitted tutorials on YouTube. Then why is someone using Photoshop correctly important to an Phoenix SEO company?

YouTube is now used as a search engine for many of today's internet savvy youth and business professionals. It's also the most powerful marketing tool available for video marketing and marketing in general. In addition to that, YouTube was acquired by Google, and therefore, all videos get indexed instantly. A fully Optimized and SEO'd YouTube Channel that has engaging and oft-viewed videos will not only provide a powerful, followable link to your chosen website, but also drives more traffic to your page and your website in general.

Optimizing your YouTube Page
Your YouTube channel needs to be optimized as well to provide a focused area of content that you've uploaded. Use a broader range of keywords instead of the tight confines of each video, give it a good title and have your website at the ready on the sidebar. You could even upload an industry specific image in the background that has a keyword optimized name. This will accompany all videos and help you build your brand.

Optimizing your YouTube Videos

Video Title
Your Video title is the number one priority for video search abilities. It's quick access for your visitors to scan and read the title, and it's the main reason for a viewer clicking on the link itself. If it's not a good title, or doesn't include their keywords, it's not going to provide the search you want it to.

Video Description
A good description can be an extension of your title and can let slip a benefit of watching the video, it could be a problem solved or a solution to some technical detail, the key is a further encouragement to click play on the video and right at the start you could add a couple of web urls, so that they get noticed, because either before watching the video, but more than likely after they will click on them urls to see what you are all about, if they thought the video was useful or even entertaining.

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