Thursday, February 16, 2012

How To Thursday: Avoiding Over Optimization in Anchor Text

We all know that anchor text, or your keyword phrases, are extremely important for ranking for certain keywords. And we all know that it can be completely overdone if not careful. Over optimizing with Anchor Text involves building links with the same keywords over and over again so that they no longer provide value. It's an issue. For the sake of knowledge, here is a rundown of the types of anchor text a company may have:

  • URL: such as - you do want to come up for your URL. It's surprising, but not unheard of to not rank for your own URL.
  • Company Name: some newer companies, or those who've never even heard the word SEO typically do not rank for their own company name, even if it's unique.
  • Unoptimized: the ubiquitous 'click here' applies in this section. Note: do not use 'click here' when internally linking.
  • Keyword and Brand Combo: such as Integraphix Design Firm - in this instance, we're associating our brand name with a keyword string.
  • Phrase: Chicago Design Firm - in this instance, there is no mention of Integraphix, only the search term a client may use to find us.
Writing a blog, or building links that are the same, over and over and over again, with no change-ups, will most certainly keep your firm from ranking for the keywords it wants to. For a more in depth conversation, talk to me in the comments section or give us a call for a FREE Marketing analysis