Thursday, February 10, 2011

Google Buzz and You

It's inevitable that an Internet Marketing and SEO Company - even ours - is thinking about Google Buzz and trying to come up with ways it will effect the future of SEO. Anything released by Google is going to effect the web. It's therefore inevitable that Google Buzz will affect the social media world - but what about your website's SEO efforts?

If you are not aware of Google Buzz - here is Google's official Buzz Video of the essentials:

The Good Things?
The Google Buzz recommendation feature is going to affect SEO the most. Google is saying that Buzz ''recommends interesting posts and weeds out ones the user is likely to skip over." It's Page Rank within Google Buzz - it will be very interesting to see if Google ends up funneling everything through their social media searches. They are highly likely to do this if you ask me. The main purpose of Google - or their mission to be more exact - is to organize the World Wide Web (old right?) and its masses of content into relevancy. There's absolutely no plausible reason that Google wouldn't push it's highly rated content within Buzz.

What does this mean for you and SEO?
It means that Buzz is just another means of making content go viral - with widespread effects. Buzz is already attached to Gmail and Googles millions of users including TwitterFlickr, etc. Because of this centralized nature, a relevant and keyword heavy post is going to get a lot more screentime than a non-relevant post. This means SEO articles and blog posts are going to get a huge boost. It's just another form of search engine optimization, but not based on backlinks and meta tags. It will be focused on how many users and readers are 'liking' and sharing your content. Big news for the Chicago marketing company industry.

This means that quality content is going to be driving rankings. It's the way it should be, and Black Hat SEO techniques are going to go by the wayside and make room for ethical seo practices. The more your content is shared, liked, commented on and seen by readers, the more 'buzz' you're going to get and your Page Rank is inevitably going to rise. If Buzz gets connected to social search on Google, then your highly rated piece of content is going to be right up there on page 1. Score!