Thursday, February 10, 2011

Twitter for SEO and Link Building

The very popular social networking and micro-blogging website Twitter is hot buzz right now. All for good reason. Twitter has a very unique platform that allows both social media and SEO (search engine optimization) - two of the most explosive trends in internet marketing - to marry and come together. They even support each other.

Twitter has many more useful attributes that the ability to let users broadcast what they're eating for breakfast or what outfit they picked out. It you use it properly and use Twitter's best practices, you CAN improve your link building campaign performance.

Now we'll look at the numerous ways that you can use Twitter for link building.

1. Engage your followers.
Using the search tool to find the people who are relevant to your business and start tweeting! Share @mentions, send them @replies, retweet their tweets and links. This all points towards the goal of getting them to link back to you or getting them to say - hey thanks for spreading the word. It sounds like a ton of work, time, and effort, but it cuts down on you having to post to blogs, finding relevant sites to post to and writing articles.

2. Get more followers.
Without going into too much detail about how to get more Twitter followers (that's an entirely new blog post for later), we'll say that the more followers you have, the more people see your tweets, the more likely your links are to be reposted and talked about! That also means that people start seeing you as an authority in your field and respect your opinion.

3. Are your tweets "retweetable"?
Why is this important to be retweetable? It helps you gain popularity. It also helps others who dont follow you to FIND you. Another important note about being 'retweetable' - make sure you are #tagging your posts so they can be searched by users. If you are making your tweets searchable and retweetable, you will be seen more often by more people. These people may even post a link to your website on their own website if you're posting relevant content.

4. Join Twitter Directories
A Twitter directory brings businesses and consumers together without lifting a finger really. Tweetfind can also help get your customers and prospects to follow you on Twitter. It's also another backlink  to your website or blog. Plus it's free!

5. Don't Tweet a link to everything!!
Followers won't click on your name anymore if all you do is post the same links to your website over and over. You're asking for people to unfollow you. It's called SOCIAL media for a reason - that means don't talk about yourself all the time. Promote other people and other ideas. It makes you look smart! Be respectable, interesting, compelling, and friendly. If you do share a link - make sure it's something your followers will actually want to look at.

Now go out into the Twitter Social Media world and Tweet!