Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Press Release Marketing is Important for SEO

Why Submit Your Press Release to Distribution Services?

In order to get your PR content to be indexed in Google and Yahoo, and to generate Google Alerts, you have to submit your press release to one of the recognized press release distribution services. That is how you can gain online coverage from mainstream media and bloggers as well as gain backlinks for your search engine optimization campaign. Integraphix, a Chicago SEO company, uses press releases to inform the public of our new clients and website launches. 

Where to Submit Your Press Release?

There are paid press release services littering the Internet and though people don't have the extra $200 per release to spare. There are free services you can use and I highly encourage it. Press releases are a company's lifeblood and we use article writing and press releases for our SEO clients all the time. While we encourage you to experiment with them, make sure you know what you are getting with them. 

The # 1 Critical Element in Press Releases

Including links with relevant anchor text in your press releases is critical. Make sure you hyperlink relevant words that take you to targeted pages. This is essential for search engine optimization.

Don’t Forget to Publish on Your Site or Blog

In addition to sending the press release to reputable distributions services, you should also publish it on your own website. Put it up on the Media page, on your blog or wherever you think is appropriate.  The content of the press release doesn’t have to be much different from what you already put together for the PR services.

Have more questions bout optimizing your press releases? Contact Integraphix for a FREE Internet Marketing analysis and we can talk to you about website and search engine optimization for your business.
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