Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Who Won the Social Media Battle Between Facebook & Twitter During the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl on Sunday night attracted record viewers and was the most mentioned Super Bowl in history. Not to mention its popularity on Twitter but it was also a huge hit with Facebook as well. According to Facebook, 65 million people engaged in conversation.

The game was a terrific background for the two social media giants as they tried to get into good relationships with marketers. Twitter has already been a terrific platform for brands who wanted to join conversations; despite having fewer users, Twitter was actually the better place to discuss the game and its infamous ads than Facebook was.

Between the two, Twitter is the more popular place for live social commentary. However, Facebook has made some progress in being a go-to place for discussions like Twitter has. Facebook features trending topics, like Twitter, and they even setup a a hub for Super Bowl conversations. Both platforms have their pros and cons.

Marketers, such as our Chicago SEO company marketing team, engage differently on Facebook than they do on Twitter. Here's a list of comparisons between the two & how they performed on Sunday night (with things related to the Super Bowl).

  • Facebook had 265 million posts, comments, & likes. 
  • Twitter had 36 million tweets & 2.6 billion impressions. 25 million more tweets than last year. 
  • Both were buzzing with chatter when the Patriots sealed the win with the interception. Facebook had 1.36 million comments per minute. 
  • Twitter had 395,000 tweets per minute talking about the interception. 
  • The halftime show had 3 million tweets; Facebook had 1 million people per minute discuss the show. 
  • Half the Super Bowl ads featured hashtags, Facebook was only mentioned 4 times. 
  • Top 3 performing moments on Facebook were the win, halftime show, and the 3rd quarter touchdown for the Seahawks to take the lead. 
  • Top 3 performing tweets on Twitter were the final interception, the victory, and the final moments of the halftime show. 
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