Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chicago Internet Marketing: Link Building & SEO

Chicago Internet Marketing: Link building strategies aren’t just for SEO. The true purpose of building links is to market your content to your target market.

Your website content may revolve around sales, product reviews, articles, blogs or a tutorial with a strong 'call to action, but regardless of the type of content, inbound links are essential to market the content you're pushing. These links, often called backlinks, are the method that you communicate with your audience: it's an open door to view your website or product.

It's much to easy to get caught up in the non-social aspect of web content development, search engine optimization, or Chicago Internet Marketing. We forget the purpose of what we're doing: talking to our target market. 

When we're researching keywords and checking volume vs. profit potential, we forget that behind those Google stats are real people that are searching for things they actually need, typing the same phrases into their favorite SE. Your mom, your brother, someone halfway around the world. They're all people.

Making a connection with that concept will help you frame your content much better, and position your links in the best possible way. What is the best way? Answer your viewer's questions, and offer a solution to what they're searching for the most. It will help them to see what you're truly offering and allow you to communicate with them better as you learn.
Creating content is a business, just the same that SEO is marketing. But we must remember that these are simply tools in the large toolbox that is Internet Marketing. They are the means to your objective: to reach out on a large scale and interact with your target market online.

Meet your marketing where they are: Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs, etc. Engage them by addressing the thoughts and questions they've got, and answer their questions. Become an authority. Even if you make a sale, don't stop communicating and be sure to follow up and address any needs they have after the fact.
Remember this: Your backlinks (inbound links) aren't just for search engines. Search engines are reading your content, but human eyes are being sold by it. Put the social human element back into your Internet Marketing strategy and it will work for both you AND your customers.