Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Bloggers Should NOT use Wordpress

I read an article recently on Why Beginners Should Blog With WordPress, I was a unhappy with that article so decided to write an opposing viewpoint on why WordPress is actually NOT good for beginner bloggers. For those that are wondering, I am talking about professional blogging with  - not needs some initial investment

If you're not prepared to pay for a hosting package, custom domain url, set-up fees, installation and template installations, then you do not want Since most bloggers who are hoping to make a buck by posting relevant articles and using ads on their website usually start with $0 in the bank, WordPress poses some obstacles. It's also not really great for 'niche' blogging. It is good for SEO purposes as WordPress allows you to add link titles, but in my opinion, Blogger is just as good for SEO as WordPress is.

Requires technical knowledge to install and configure

Unless you're a web designer or developer, or happen to be technically skilled in the web area, is not meant for you as it requires some basic skills to install. If you're a beginner, and want to start a blog, use Blogger! This site is Blogger, and it has to be the best platform for both beginner and experienced computer users and bloggers. It's user friendly and it's got many of the features that WordPress has. The best part? It's free.