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SEO Marketing on Tumblr: How to Optimize your Tumblr Blog

SEO Website Optimization for Tumblr and other Social Media Websites

Tumblr could possibly be the most addictive social media and micro-blogging platform behind Facebook and Twitter. This is especially so if you're looking for an easy to use (and awesome) photo/text/link blogging website. It'll be even easier to get addicted when you read this post. Also, please take not of the fact that Tumblr Corporate heads have plans in to expand significantly next year. If you're in it for internet marketing and seo...that's another story.

While fun to use, and wonderful to look at, Tumblr isn't the best blogging site out there to support an SEO campaign. Wordpress and Google's Blogger still reign supreme, while Tumblr rarely ranks well on search engine results. We're not saying that it will never rank well, but typically it does not rank without a few tweaks and tricks. What are these tips and tricks? Read along grasshopper:

Optimize your page Titles
Here's the great thing about Tumblr: their customization allows you to modify the HTML of your website and of the posts themselves. HTML...that's scary right? Well it's not that scary as it involves the simple change of a title tag of the post so that it contains the title of your post, a summary and perhaps even your blog name. This way, the information you want will show up in search results and help your content gain exposure (instead of just your blog name) and in turn help your search engine optimization.

Add Meta Descriptions
Don't know what a meta description is? It's the short paragraph seen  under Search results in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google is the main search engine most people should focus on, and they display no more than 160 characters for each description, so try to keep your meta description under that. If you don't create a meta description, Google will pull one from your website for you and you may not like the outcome! It will be a random accumulation of 'spidered' words. This is not good for SEO or the likelihood of someone visiting your website.

Submit your XML sitemap to the search engines
Tumblr gives users the ability to generate what's known as an XML sitemap. That's very nice because it gives you the ability to tell the search engines that you have amazing, organized and well thought out content.

Customize the URL of your post
Do not post anything before altering the URL of your blog post. It's in the lower right hand corner of the post/reblog page. Alter the URL so it is SEO-friendly - also remember add tags so people can find your post.

Optimize your Photos
This means more than just adding tags through the tumblr website itself. Make sure you are uploading pictures that are named properly, and have the appropriate alt text description.

Get going on Social Networking
The reason Tumblr is growing and becoming more successful is the social aspect of the blogging platform. Users can talk to each other much like Facebook and Twitter though their blog posts. This doesn't mean you don't have to get on Facebook or Twitter and use it religiously. Tumblr has a feature where you can connect your blog to Facebook and Twitter, so that whenever you post on Tumblr, it will automatically repost to Facebook and Twitter - saving you time, and building your following.

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