Monday, November 14, 2011

The Quick Guide to Optimizing Press Releases

An enormous amount of press releases are distributed over the internet and added to online pressrooms daily - but how are those releases found? SEO. It's an extremely important aspect of press releases that PR Firms should pay attention to. Simply put: why wouldn't you try to maximize the visibility of your press materials?
A considerable number of releases are distributed over the wires and added to online pressrooms every day, so search engine optimization—or SEO—remains an important tactic for PR professionals.

Take care in reading this checklist for Press Release Optimization and remember: SEO is the enhancement, not the primary goal. Your release is ultimately for human media persons, not Google.

1. Keyword Research. This is a nobrainer as any good SEO professional knows that finding anything requires keyword research and content optimization for those keywords. For a press release, find out what keyword people type into Google to find the particular service or product you're publicizing and use it! Don't focus so much on repeating the product name over and over again - it's already going to be included in the release, but the catch is; nobody knows your product. They know the general topic though.

2. Content Optimization. This goes along with the first point. Once you've chosen your keywords: make sure you use them! Use them in your press release title, the headline of your story and within the first paragraph of your body copy. Use your keywords in the summary or subheading of the release as well. It's ultimately what's going to get people to actually read the real thing. Lastly, make sure your release is at least 250-500 words using your keyword phrase once every 100 words if possible.

3. Links. What's the point of an online press release if you're not taking advantage of inbound links. Link your content to interior pages of your website as well via page specific keywords. Most online release websites allow you up to three live links per release. Make them count!

4. On-site Press Releases. If you're going to put the Press Release on your own website, make sure you're following best SEO practices including Title Tag, URL and Internal Linking.

Ultimately, make sure your press release is readable by human beings. Don't get too caught up in the ins and outs of XYZ SEO that you forget who you're actually marketing to.

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