Monday, November 21, 2011

Wordpress SEO and Blogging Revisited

We wrote a piece on Why bloggers shouldn't use WordPress a few months ago, and our opinion hasn't changed. It's actually become stronger. Our previous opinion focused on the investment that comes with initially, and the fact that will actually delete your blog if they find you doing SEO on it. Even for a legitimate blogger, this can be difficult to overcome. If WordPress doesn't allow you to enable your blog to be found, what is the point of blogging? Well there is one major reason now, why Bloggers shouldn't use WordPress.

All Body Copy Links are now No-Follow.
This means that every single link you put into the body of your copy - original content or not - has a no-follow tag on it. implemented the tag when they found some of their users were using the platform to optimize theirs and other websites on the internet. Is this fair? Most people would say no. We are some of those people. If WordPress is going to offer a service to users for free, they need to expect that the service should be used however users feel they want to use it. Blogger, Google's own free blogging service (that we use) doesn't apply no-follow links to the body copy of their user's blogs, only the comment section. This is done for one reason: to not piss off their blogging community.

I suspect there will be a mass exodus from over to Blogger once some bloggers figure out that their hard work is for nothing. Especially since WordPress is notorious for 'deleting' a blog with no warning and no recourse.

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